The Historical Diamond Industry and Investment

The recent day’s diamond industries, especially the post-manufacturing segments are shifted globally to the Far East, like India and China. These are the countries that are having non-traditional set up for running the post-manufacturing process of diamonds. In the 15th century, the diamonds were mined, cut and polished in the Indian subcontinents, later on, the industry shifted to the European territories, after some decades it reversed again. In our global history of the diamond trade, if we look back, we would see that the Jewish merchants were playing a vital role in diamond trading. They started the credit sales of these diamonds based on the implementation of reliability. Later on, the industry is scattered and diversified to the retailers who found themselves as the fittest to the diamond selling trade.

It is seen that who buys fancy color diamonds, are not the only jewelry lovers, there are the luxury investors who love to invest in precious items. It is the fact that the intense pink diamonds are the most favorite fancy colored diamonds that attracts the whole concentration of the investors. Why is this so? To get more info on the reason behind let us move forward.


Fancy colored diamonds are the most precious stones, because of their rarity. There are fancy colored diamonds, such as blue, yellow, green, orange, brown and the rare of the rarest are red and pink are falling in this category. Red diamonds are found rarely along with the rarest pink diamonds.


It is North-Western Australia’s Argyle mines that are producing the world’s 90% pink diamonds. The surprising fact is that it is only one percent of the excavated one million rough pink diamonds are considered to be salable. Even after extraction, these pink diamonds are required three to four weeks time to make it more fluorescent and chic. There are other natural color diamonds that are not required much time, as it takes in case of pink diamonds. It is due to its complex structure.


While we are talking about the structural designs of a pink diamond, we need to know why it so? It is suspected that the pink diamonds are formed in the deepest part of the earth. Due to the tremendous pressure and heat, the carbon particles are getting a molecular change in their electrons. As it comes to the earth’s surface it got the effects of the radiation of the nearby elements and got the complex molecular structure and the color. This way we are getting pink diamonds on the earth.


It is notable that the pink diamonds are formed in the deepest part of the earth. The other diamonds, like white (natural) colored, are formed comparably upper regions. This is the reason that the extraction processes of these fancy colored diamonds are not as smooth as the other stones.


This is the reason behind the attraction of luxury investors to invest in pink diamonds as a whole. Obviously, the return on the investments is also remarkably higher than the other traditional avenues.

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